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The Difference Between APA and Harvard Referencing

Getting to Learn the Difference between APA and Harvard Referencing

difference between apa and harvard referencing exampleAPA and Harvard writing styles are very similar and although this is the case, there are still some differences that are exhibited by the two. To begin with converting APA is popular among the Americans whereas the Harvard style is more popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. These two referencing styles are similar in that they are both referred to as author date styles because of how their reference lists are built. The major the difference between APA and Harvard referencing is exhibited in the reference lists and how the authors are listed in those work citations as well as in-text citations.

the difference between apa and harvard referencing

Quoting and Paraphrasing in the APA Style of Reference

apa style of reference sampleAPA demands that the writer uses the author’s name, year of publication and the particular page number of where that particular content has been extracted when quoting an author’s source in the body of the project. If the quote is less than 40 words, one should insert the quotation in the normal way using double quotation marks. However, if the quotation exceeds 40 words, one should come up with another paragraph to accommodate that quotation. In this case, the text should not be inserted in quotation marks and the paragraph should be indented.

APA (American Psychological Association) style is widely used for social science sources citations formatting and referencing.

Harvard is a style that is mostly used in the universities for referencing and citing by students the list of sources that they used.

harvard style referencing example apa style referencing example
apa style of reference onlineReferencing a source with multiple authors is another area where the difference between APA and Harvard referencing is clear. The APA style requires that the writer mentions all the authors in the first in-text involving that source with multiple authors. Should the source be in-texted for the second or third time, then the writer is only expected to name one author followed by the phrase et al. This is however not the case with the Harvard style where one is required to mention all the authors even when the writer had mentioned them in an earlier in-text of the same source.

The key referencing differences: 

  • At the end of the document, the references are provided in the Harvard system when in the APA style the reference list is indicated as “References”.
  • The Harvard referencing uses the “ed[s]” and “edited by” to cite the work edited but in the APA style applies the “(Ed[s])” for that.
  • The editor’s name in the Harvard referencing is placed after the edited piece title when in the APA style the referencing is mentioned before the actual work that has been edited.
  • The page number citing in APA style will look like (year: page number)”, f.g (2017:72). In the Harvard style is will look like (2012, p.82).

For the book referencing that hasn’t been edited yet the Harvard style applies the following style:
Smith, P. (2010). The Tourism Management. Chapter 10 in the Management of Organization. Kolkata: Mata McGrew & Phill.

For the APA system it will look like:
Smith, P. (2010). The Tourism management. The Management of Organization (pp. 350-381). Kolkata: Mata McGrew &Phill.

Another point to note about the difference between APA and Harvard referencing is that one is not required to write the page numbers when in-texting. Harvard, however, insists that the page number be included. When making the reference list, the sources in APA are supposed to incorporate the year of publication independently from the name. The Harvard style, however, requires the year of publication to be inserted in the list in brackets and not independently.

 Implementing the Differences

By understanding the differences between the two formats, one is able to know how to come up with a perfect paper with the two different writing styles. With the above differences, the writer is able to even change the format of the paper without having to undertake further researches. The differences above will act as a guide to ensuring that you are able to reduce the amount of time you spend research about the differences when you are told to come up with a project in the two different styles.

The APA style is quite difference from the Harvard and that should be the basis of identifying the differences between the two and save yourself some considerable amount of time you would have spent on the internet researching about how to generate a paper with the different styles. The information above about the difference between APA and Harvard referencing should be your guide to being a perfect writer capable of writing quality papers in different styles. It is advised that you keep the above differences when writing two papers with these two styles.

Should you be required to write two projects using these two writing styles, don’t hesitate to request our help!

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