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APA Journal Format

apa journal formatWhat is the proper format for citing an APA journal article? This is a common question that we receive at APAEditor.net and we have the experts that are able to provide you with the help you need. There is a specific order that you have to follow in APA format journal article citations. How to make your writing better if there’s no hint of the right elements order? Exactly for this the journal citation regulations have been developed.

The correct order for APA citation journal article is:

  • Author’s surname
  • Initial of author’s first name
  • Author’s middle initial
  • Publication date
  • Title of the article
  • Title of the journal
  • Volume number
  • Pages you used as source for your information.

When you have to use this APA style for journal articles that would take pages to list you definitely need the help of our experts in order to ensure you use the proper method for citing each APA journal article.

Factors to Consider for APA Journal Article Citations

There are journals in which the pages are not numbered so how would you make sure you are correct in APA style article citation? In this case the title of the journal article would have to suffice unless you want to actually count the pages in the journal. In all cases the name of the journal and the volume number must be italicized.

APA Format Article Is Better Done with Our Help!

With the vast amount of reference material that is available online, students do have a concern with the proper way to cite an APA journal article that they find on a website. The process of citing this type of APA format article is to follow the same procedure as for a printed journal and add the DOI number. You also must include the name of the website and the URL.

Other Aspects of Citing an APA Journal Article

It is possible that one or more of your sources may be from a newspaper. In this case you have to use the APA style newspaper article to cite your source of information. The same thing applies to citing an APA style article review, which is not the actual article but another’s opinion of it. Fortunately, none of these pose a challenge for the writers we hire at APAEditor.net.

Whenever you need assistance with APA journal article citations, we are here to help. The expertise of APAEditor.net can handle anything related to APA formatting style.