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  • APA Formatting
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Quick APA Hints

  • Margins: 1 inch on all sides
  • Indentations: 0.5 inch
  • Spacing: 2 points spacing
  • Numeration: Arabic numerals


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How to Make an APA Reference Page

If you want to learn how to make an APA reference page, you may want to check out the tips that will help you get started. You will be surely in the right track if you would learn how to come up with the APA referencing and styling from the very beginning. If you are a student of psychology, social sciences and education, your professor may ask you to write in the APA format and style.  To get started, you can see these tips below.

Tips On How to Make an APA Reference Page

  1. Take note that the reference page is not the same as a bibliography. Learn of their difference when using the APA style. The basic is that there are in text sources and bibliography sources.
  2. Do not use outdated, but use only the newest versions of the source you are deriving information from.
  3. Don’t underline or italicize any parts of your reference sections.
  4. List down your sources in the alphabetical manner. In addition, do not forget about including the author’s initials on his first name and last name. APA uses only initials to avoid any bias.
  5. All the months must be shortened except for months like July and June.
  6. Get expert help for complete tips on how to do APA reference page.

Sample Of APA Styling For Reference

(Ringsven & Bond, 1996) OR In their study, Ringsven and Bond (1996)

(See the complete list in the library of the Source: http://www.michener.ca/lrc/lrcapa.php)

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