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Get to Know APA 7th Edition

How the APA 7th Edition Differs from the 6th

The American Psychology Association style formatting is one of the referencing styles that is well known and used today among professional researchers and graduate students alike. Just like the other type of referencing styles it has its own features and uniqueness. This is why it can be distinguished from the MLA, Chicago or Harvard style referencing. But this is not all, the MLA already have their 7th edition which shows also differences with the MLA 6th edition. This is why below we would be looking that some of the features of this APA 7th edition that may make it different from the 6th edition.

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This post would give you a hint as to what to expect in this APA 7th edition. Although it is important to say here that this would only probably just give you a hint as only APA knows for certain all the features of their 7th edition. 5 of the common areas of difference would be in:

  • The retrieval date
  • When it comes to citing and the cities
  • The database names is also another area
  • Then there is the number of available authors
  • The digital object identifier is still another area

Basic Description of the 7th Edition

The APA 7th edition is one that promises to be an upgrade on the previous versions which is great for researchers and those who intend to use it for their referencing. It will serve as a great tool to help them get their ideal referencing done with not just a more improved layout but also a more professional feel and this is why it will stand out from the previous versions.

 Main Features of the 7th Edition

Just like the previous APA editions the 7th edition is packed with its own list of main features and some of the areas that are covered in where these features can be seen are:

  • Improved layout
  • Reference page section changes
  • More in-text information
  • More professional feel

Why You Should Get to Know APA 7th Edition

APA is arguably the most popular writing style and it is for this reason that insights about the APA format are constantly done to keep the wide population of students that use this writing style in the know of all the latest developments to the writing rules. APA is always incorporating new changes to the already existing versions and the users of this format having been asking questions about the APA 7th edition. If you want to keep yourself informed about the entire APA writing format, you need to make sure that to you get to know APA 7th edition since it is going to be the latest version incorporating major changes to the current version. The 5th and the 6th versions are the most used editions and the introduction of the 7th edition will translate to better and more enhanced referencing formats that the users of the APA format will have access to.

Possible Changes that Are Expected in the APA 7th Edition

With the MLA format having already enrolled its 7th edition, APA users are also speculating how the new edition will impact the use of APA format. Drawing our argument from the comparisons that have been made between earlier editions and current editions of this format, it is very appropriate to note that the spacing and use of font is expected to remain the same as the 6th edition. The margin spacing is also expected to remain the same. Some of the common features of the current APA format are expected to remain constant include but are not limited to the title page remaining as it is developed in the 6th edition and all the pages should contain running heads to the right corner and page number at the top left corner on all the pages.

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Just like how the 5th edition is different from the 6th edition it is expected that most of the differences between the 6th version and the 7th version will be experienced in the reference page. For instance the 6th version was different from the 5th edition in that the 6th edition does not require one to highlight the date one accessed a site source unlike the 5th edition where it was compulsory for one to mention the day one last visited a website source listed in the reference list. Such changes are expected in the 7th edition but yet again we are only speculating and this information can only be confirmed by APA themselves. This just some of the information you need to know if you want to get to know APA 7th edition.

What APA Is Saying

When asked to comment about the APA manual 7th edition, APA remained tight stating that they are committed to making sure that they perfect the 6th edition before even thinking of moving into the 7th edition. However, they did not rule out the possibility of launching the 7th edition. Again it is speculated that the 7th edition will experience a wide range of changes in the reference page section. The in-text might also be changed where for instance they might opt to increase more information rather than the usual author’s name and year of publication. You should therefore make sure that you are aware of the APA style 7th edition so that you can understand how to reference your work with this version once it is launched.

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